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Hi, I'm Hodaya,
an artist and graphic designer specializing in Photoshop and digital art creations. I combine artistry and design to turn your visions into realities:)


I graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem and have eight years of experience in a studio specializing in services for artists and painters.


My passion lies in sharing my knowledge and experience to help individuals realize their creative visions.

I provide a wide range of image editing services for artists, photographers, and marketing purposes. Graphic design services and custom digital art creations.


My expertise includes advanced digital color adjustment, retouching, and restoring paintings and photographs. I also specialize in preparing art prints for exhibitions, marketing, and sale. editing artist books, transforming simple preliminary drafts into awe-inspiring paper cuts, and bringing digital creations to life from scratch while staying true to the artist’s intentions.


While my primary focus remains serving the artistic community, I believe that art has the power to inspire and touch everyone. Whether you identify as an artist seeking specialized services or an art enthusiast looking for a touch of creative magic, I invite you to collaborate with me:)

You can see my paintings here: paintings portfolio

Please don’t hesitate to reach out and discuss your specific needs. I will be more than happy to assist you in bringing your visions to life!


Photo Editing
Digital Art Creation
Graphic Design
Branding and Identity
Logo Design
Packaging Design

Wix Websites

AI Tools
Print Production
Custom Mock-Up Design
Art Prints

Paper Cuts files

and more..

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